Open a Closet and Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Selling cloths that are taking up space in your closet, but are not working for you anymore will give you money to buy clothes that do work! It’s similar (but much easier) to trading in an old car for a new one.

Look inside your “armadio” with a critical eye. Do you see items you haven’t worn for months maybe years? Do you see items that just no longer work for you?

Of course you do. We all have them.

OK step # 1 – Take these items out of your closet.

Now step #2 – Take out your digital camera or just use your mobile phone camera and take photos (you can upload up to three for each piece) of clothing, accessories and jewelry. Now go to and open a closet

Here are answers to some FAQ and how-to videos to help you get started

put them up for sale in you armadio closet – take the money and upgrade your wardrobe – it’s that simple.


How To Open an Armadio Closet

Are you ready to organize your closet, make money, and perhaps make a donation? Well you’ve come to the right place!

It’s simple, join armadio and then complete three (3) easy steps to open a closet typically in less than 5 minutes. The step-by-step instructions are on the an Armadio website to guide you through the process of opening a closet. Nevertheless, it may help to show you just how easy it real is to open a closet.. Here are the steps you’ll need to take (even the obvious ones) to help get you started and make the set up process go smoothly.

First Join - Go to (not .com) and once you arrive click on the big Join armadio button on the right side of the webpage. OK good.

Now, fill in the Join Now  information (the usual items) by selecting a username and password, confirm the password and then after you’ve read the terms of service, click the join button and you’re in!

Great! Now you’re a registered user and you’ve completed the first task for opening a closet. Here are the three (3) easy steps you’ll need to take to complete the process:

Step One - On the next webpage you will notice there are three choices.Choose Open a Closet by clicking on the Start your Closet button.

Step Two –  Again, we ask for typical information you’ve no doubt provided before when you have opened a specialized account. However, let’s walk through it anyway.

As you can see from the screen shot above we ask for your first and last name, address, City and State, and zip code. We also need a valid email address. Of course, it always helps to have phone numbers, but that information is optional.

Step Three – This is the last step. We now need to confirm your mailing address and have you enter a valid credit card number (i.e., Master Card, Visa, or Discover). You will not be billed for any fees this is simply part of our authentication process. Once you have entered the necessary information click on the submit button and you’re nearly done!

Final Task – Name your closet and tell the world a little about you and your closet – This is your chance to shine!

Congratulations you’ve opened an Armadio closet. Now you are ready to start selling! Click Here to Get Started

In one of our next blog posts, we’ll talk about how to add items to your closet, price them, and use the image upload system as well as how to give your armadio closet a little pizzas. - stay tuned. Open a Closet and Win!

You’ve heard bits and pieces, now we’d like to tell you the inside story.[m] is an online mall where it’s easy to sell (and buy) new and pre-owned clothes, accessories, and jewelry. And, it’s easy to donate to a charity you favor to support a worthy cause.

Here’s How You Can Help.
Armadio is designed to provide you a place to set up a closet (it’s your own storefront) and begin selling. Buyers will come, but first we (you and many others like you) must fill the mall with “inventory” and that’s where Armadio needs your help.

To make it interesting we’re having a drawing, prizes are: Two Kindle Fire tablets. Two winning closets will be randomly selected from the first 500 closets that open with five items or more. In addition, these 500 closets will be placed in a second drawing for ten (10) beautifully hand crafted pieces of jewelry

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Rachael’s Motto Feed Children & Animals

Rachael Ray is a consistent supporter of charities that focus on Kids and Pets.

She has established one heck of a charitable track record and it seems she has no intention of slowing down. Here is a quick, but incomplete rundown of Ray’s activities that will give you a flavor (pun intended) of her charitable work:

Back In 2007 Rachael Ray with the help of Bill Clinton established Yum-o! (that’s so Rachael isn’t it?!), which was designed to help children be healthier by eating healthier. More recently, Gerber has teamed up with Rachael Ray’s Yum-o! charity to donate $1 (up to $500,000) for every new Facebook fan they receive for a specified period. During this promotion Ray said she now needed to perform “some sort of penance for actually using the phrase “yum-o” no matter how worthy the cause.”

It’s clear Ray loves children and animals. Rachael Ray Nutrish pet foods were created from the recipes Ray developed in partnership with a group of pet food experts at Ainsworth Pet Nutrition® to create recipes inspired by Rachael. The ingredients are simple and natural and all proceeds go to Rachael’s Rescue, a charity founded by Ray for at-risk animals – Wow!

The ASPCA (The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) has announced that it has teamed up with this celebrity,bestselling author, and philanthropist to launch the 2012 ASPCA Rachael Ray $100,000 Challenge, with more than $500,000 in prize grants to help shelters save more homeless cats and dogs.

An ASPCA spokesperson said that with the added support and visibility from a great animal advocate like Rachael Ray,animal shelters can save more lives. And Ray added:

“All my life, I’ve been an advocate for animals and a supporter of animal welfare groups,”  Rachael continued. “My love for animals and for my pit bull, Isaboo, inspired me to create a pet food called Nutrish to raise money for animals in need. I donate 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of Nutrish to organizations like the ASPCA so they can implement programs like the $100K Challenge and support shelters around the country.”

Ray also added, “I have made a personal commitment to helping the millions of cats and dogs each year who find themselves in shelters and are in need of a second chance at a new home and a better life. By partnering with the ASPCA for the $100K Challenge, we will help animal shelters across the country to get more homeless cats and dogs out of shelters and into the loving homes they deserve.”

And, in her spare time, when she wasn’t cooking up 30 minute meals for us, she made a public service announcement (PSA) for the Food Bank For New York City.

Ray attended the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance’s 35th anniversary gala in 2009, helping to raise $225,000.


Jumping ahead a little, in December 2011, Ray lent her support to the AARP’s Drive to End Hunger campaign – she’s not leaving anyone behind young, old, or four legged..

Hey Rachael, we’re with you – take a look at Best Health Program Ever Invented – Rescue a Dog  one of our most popular posts ever. Maybe some day soon we can get together and run a campaign on!

Rachael Ray has supported the following boat load of charities:

  • American Association of Retired Persons
  • Blue Planet Run Foundation
  • Centre For Environmental Education
  • Clothes Off Our Back
  • Feeding America
  • Food Bank For New York City
  • Heifer International
  • Hope North
  • Keep A Child Alive
  • Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City
  • Robert F Kennedy Memorial
  • Share Our Strength
  • Soles4Souls
  • The Art of Elysium
  • The Heart Truth
  • The Lunchbox Fund
  • Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance
  • Yum-o!

Ms. Rachael Ray, we admire and respect you – please keep up the good work. You are an inspiration!


Promoting Your Armadio Closet

One of the best ways to promote your closet and drive sales is to use the unique URL Armadio provides you. You can easily place this URL as a link on any website or blog. You can use it as a link at the end of your tweets and as part of other online communication venues such as email..

When you go to the armadio page that shows your closet, the URL at the top is your unique link. You can cut and paste this link to provide a quick way for buyers to visit your closet. In addition, you can create a customized version of this link by going to your dashboard and clicking on Edit Closet Profile.

Once you’re on the Edit Closet Info page you can use the form to create your unique URL i.e., link..

This is an effective way to “get the word out” about your closet!

Don’t have an Armadio closet yet – no problem. Recently, we published a post titled “How to Open an Armadio Closet.” We also posted an article showing you how to add items to your closet. We think you will find both of these posts useful.

Well that wraps it up for this “How-to” on using a link to sell more effectively using your armadio online closet (store). As always please let us know if there is anything we can do to help you!


Fill Up Your Armadio Closet in 3 Easy Steps

Recently, we published a post titled “How to Open an Armadio Closet.” Now we’d like to show you how to add items to your closet. We’ll also touch on how to price clothes and accessories, provide some tips on uploading photo images and a couple of thoughts on adding pizzas to your closet.

Let’s begin by signing into your Armadio account using the username and password you selected. Fill in the username and password in the upper right hand corner of the page, then click the Sign In button.

If you haven’t created a closet yet, then begin by joining armadio. Here is a link to the post we mentioned above:  How to Open an Armadio Closet

Now that you’re signed in go to the top menu, the one with a light tan colored bar and select Dashboard

Your seller’s Dashboard has several features, but let’s keep our focus on adding items to your closet. As you can see on the screen shot below your next “mouse trick” is to click on Add an Item.  Please go ahead and do that.

Naming your item is the first step. Give your item a name that will attract buyers and then select a category from the drop down menu – what could be easier?

On the next screen you are provided with a series of drop down menus, which you can use to describe the item (Note: Not all drop downs apply to all items). Select the categories appropriate for your item and then fill in the text boxes to add information and give your closet a little pizzas. Example: “This pretty blue dress is just the ticket for a night on the town!”

Last two tasks to complete this page: First, price the item. Pricing is not always easy. We suggest you start with the original retail price and then considering age, trendiness, and overall condition discount the retail make it attractive to buyers.

Second, click on the Save & Manage Photos> button. This will advance you to the page where you can upload images (up to 5) of your item.

Uploading photos is the final step in the process.and one of the most important, because as we all know a picture is worth a thousand words. Use images to sell your item. Photograph it in good light and show it from different points a view (e.g., back and front on a hanger, and perhaps modeling it).. Photos are one of the best ways to give your armadio closet pizzas.

To upload photos use the Click to Upload Photos button and follow the instructions on the popup screen.  Photos must be correctly sized (if you used your phone camera you’re probably OK, but if you used a more sophisticated digital camera you may need to re-size large photos before uploading - Maximum size is 1000 x 1000; 

You may upload from 1 to 5 photos for each item you sell. Upload your new photos and then you can choose the order to show them. Here’s a screen shot of the upload popup to add a photo;simply click on the Browse button to search your photos and make a selection. When you have finished uploading your photos, click on the DONE button and your item insertion is complete!

Check to make sure the order is correct, that is, the photo you want to be displayed as your “Main” or primary one is marked as such and the rest of the photos are in the order you want them displayed. Once you are happy with the order simply click Save Photos and you’ll be taken back to your dashboard.

Now you’re ready to upload another item!

Promoting Your Closet
In another soon-to-be published post we’ll talk about promoting your closet, which has a unique URL that can be placed as a link on any website, blog, tweet or other online communication venue including email.

Time for Some Spookiness!

Do you have a costume from last Halloween you would like to sell? Armadio is now ready to help. We have added a category to for costumes and we encourage you to open a closet (if you haven’t already) and add the costumes you’d like to sell to your closet.

For help opening a closet see our recent blog post “How to Open an Armadio Closet.” It will take you through the quick and easy three (3) steps you need to complete.

In addition to adding the costume category you can select three types of costumes: Baby, Kids, and Adults. Then you can select the style:

  • Scary
  • Monster
  • Superhero
  • Humorous/Clown
  • Princess/Ballerina
  • Western
  • Ghost/Supernatural
  • Alien/ET
  • Pirate
  • Animal
  • Fantasy
  • Movie/TV Character
  • Doctor/Nurse
  • Fire/Police /Military
  • Other

You can also select brand, size, color, and materials, plus as always, you can use our text boxes to describe the costume in greater detail and upload 1 to 5 photos of each costume.

As a reminder and for new comers – you pay nothing, no monthly fees, no insertion fees, no fees for extra photos, etc – nothing until you sell an item (and our transaction fees are very modest).

We take the “spooky” out of selling online!


Paris Hilton Making a Difference!

We agree with Paris!  ”Life is too short to blend in.” Paris Hilton

Not only does she “not blend in” in a good way, she also leads the way when it comes to being charitable. Let’s take a quick look at just a few of the activities in which she’s involved.

One of her activities an our favorite (because it closely aligns with our goals) is her charitable act related to giving clothes away. (London, Oct 29, 2011) Paris Hilton went through her fabulous fashions, a clothing collection with few rivals, and selected outfits she no longer wears and donated them to charity. At the young age of 30-years this well known socialite tweeted she is donating the unused clothing in her closets t to raise money for worthy causes.

“At home going thru (though) my closets, so I can donate my clothes to charity. Feels good to give back,” Contactmusic quoted her as writing on her Twitter page (ANI)

Moreover, this is only one example of the many acts of charity Paris has been and is still involved in performing.

Paris tells us that she and her sister, Nicky, were taught to think of others, that their good fortune should be shared. As children she and Nicky often helped raise funds and awareness for various causes such as the fight against breast cancer. For years now (since 2007) having watched a gruesome video on how animals are raised for their fur Paris put her support in play against wearing fur. “I’ve never worn fur and I never will,” she remarked said after seeing the video. “I also haven’t eaten any meat since. I just survive on pasta and stuff like that. I was grossed out. It was disgusting.”

Paris Hilton has supported all of the following charities: ACT for MS, Bottletop, Cancer Research UK, Cathy’s Kids Foundation, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Clothes Off Our Back, Education Africa, Feeding America, Gibson Girl Foundation, GRAMMY Foundation, Leeza’s Place, Life Rolls On Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, MusiCares, Nancy Davis Foundation for Multiple Sclerosis, Olivia Newton-John Cancer & Wellness Centre, Playing For Good, Precious Paws, Richie Madden Children’s Foundation, Soles4Souls, Starlight Children’s Foundation, The Art of Elysium, and Union Rescue Mission.

Has this socialite taken a few missteps? Sure but who among us hasn’t? We’re more than willing to forgive her – this is one of, if not the most, impressive list of charitable works you’ll find in hollywood or any where else for that matter!


Paris, we love you – keep up the great work and when you feel the urge to give away more of your outstanding clothes collection please consider doing it on!

Do You Store Shoes Safely?

Recently, walking into a friend’s very large closet I noticed that her shoes were perched above other clothes and it seemed odd. Shoes that have touched the public restroom floor don’t belong above your suites and sweaters. We all know floors are among the dirtiest surfaces – forget about that 5 second rule nonsense, if it drops don’t eat it

Not wanting to seem critical, I mentioned the odd shoes-clothes positioning to her casually. After a moment of reflection she said, “You know that’s a good point. I’ve honestly never thought about it before.”

Typically, shoes are stored on shelves below clothes. I’ve never seen them put above. But regardless, of where you store your shoes if they  are dirty, muddy, or just  wet they should be cleaned before putting them back in your closet not only to keep your closet clean, but equally important to keep your shoes in good condition.

Ideally, a shoe closet (and a full length mirror) should be close the entrance door of your home so you can wear them before exiting the house, but not in the house.- no shoes in the house! Of course, most of us don’t have that luxury. However, setting up a “shoe space” near the door is a still a good idea and with a little creativity you can do it.

For longer-term seasonal changes one option is to use one or two under-the-bed storage cases. They’re long and about 1.5 feet across, but not very tall so they fit nicely under you’re bed!